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Warriors / Kiyoshi Yoshida feat. Yukihiko Mitsuka

01. Warriors
02. Moment
03. Brilliance of Edo
04. Collage 1 Bush Warbler
05. Frontier
06. Blinking Out
07. The Sword
08. Collage 2 The Aftermath
09. Like the Wind
10. Zen
11. Kabuto
12. Five Stars

amazon Warriors - Kiyoshi Yoshida feat. Yukihiko Mitsuka

Back in the days, there were people called "mononofu" in Japan. These men were the Samurai warriors. Along with deep compassion and affection, which they had naturally, there was the beautiful "Bushido", i.e. the way of the warriors, which brought them discipline and the power to endure suffering. Although it was in order to protect something very important, I think we should not praise the old ages, where they carried swords and had hierarchical status, just as they were. However, is it not this very soul that had honest and faithful ways of life, that us Japanese should use as a guide in this ever-changing world in which we live today?

We used the Japanese traditional instrument "shakuhachi" as a representation of the mononofu (warriors). I again realized the fact that shakuhachi, not only has a delicate and complex structure, but the behavior of performing the instrument itself is similar to praying, and how primitive the instrument actually was.

I believe that traditional arts, back in its ages, were built on top of the creative challenges in order to pursue new sensation as well as respecting the inheritance.

I will be delighted if this album could take part in playing that role.