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UBUD tiga / UBUD

01. Invitation
02. Potu
03. Salak
04. Bud
05. Forest
06. Breath
07. Private Moon
08. Night Beach
09. One Day
10. Silent

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The long awaited third album from UBUD just arrived. I anxiously put it on the player, and let the sound rain on me.... only to find out, it's not rain, but more like a mist - of soft particles of music. I read the notes accompanying the opening tune.
"Alright, I WILL relax and let everything take its own course" (Invitation)
I see. "UBUD tiga" is an invitation to Paradise. The location is in each of our hearts. And the dress code is "just be yourself".
"Potu" is a sweet cake from Asia. "Salak" is a tropical fruit. The title of the tunes lets you picture the image of the rich, colorful tabletops in “paradise”. It's beauty and it's colors are all blessings from nature, just the way they were born. The minute we take them in our hands, we are "touched by the faint sweet taste, and something inside starts melting, very comfortably". (Potu)
"We didn't have any exact theme set before the recording. But when we were finished, we realized the message was naturally there. It was just something that we were thinking of every day. It's so simple and obvious - 'Let's be nice to each other'" says Mr.Yoshida.
As any other UBUD album, this too gives us a soul-purifying experience. But what's special about this one, is that it comes with a soft finishing touch, adding a nice flavor to the cleansed soul.

Mayuko Ueno