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01. Floating Dream / Rikiya Yamashita
02. Recollection / Masaji Watanabe
03. Miyako / Missa Johnouchi
04. Autumn Rain / Naoyuki Onda
05. Aqua / Yasuko Kyoda
06. Flower / Rikiya Yamashita
07. Scenes Of Spring / Masaji Watanabe
08. Sakura / Yasuko Kyoda
09. Snow Dance / Missa Johnouchi
10. Evening Glow / Yasuko Kyoda
11. Streets Of Kyoto / Missa Johnouchi
12. Melody Of The Wind / Rikiya Yamashita
13. Moon Flower / Naoyuki Onda
14. Mirage / Masaji Watanabe

amazon Ancient City II - Various Artists

"Han-nari to" a word in the dialect of Kyoto in Japan.

If its nuance is explained positively, it perhaps means, "gorgeous" or "graceful".

Paris, the beautiful city, the city of The Renaissance, Florence, there are many cities, but, as Japanese, we cannot help thinking of the ancient city, Kyoto.

Starting from the temptations of spring colored by pale pink cherry flowers, and the green breath of the new leaves diffusing the light, and through the season of colored leaves, turning trees red, and the city dressed in dignified coldness with the silence of white snow, waiting for the seasons to repeat again.

Five artists interweaved this brilliance of the four changing seasons into every sound of the pianos with the utmost care, and completed a "graceful" work like a Nishijin brocade, a famous fine cloth from Kyoto. That is the album "Miyako".

Cherry petals fall like snowflakes. The vividness of cinnabar red at the sunset that dissolves the colors of the brocade into the mountains. The smell of a gust of wind blowing through a long alley with merchant houses. When a Japanese maple leaf adds its hue to a moss-covered green carpet, the rich colors on the "dangling obi" of Maiko dancing girls walking restlessly may dance gorgeously on the surface of the murmuring Kamo River.

It is not only this beautiful view of the ever-changing ancient city that rises from the piano sounds.

The axis that creates the city is nothing but people. That is why the city has glory and gloom. There is not only joy but also sadness. Where the truth is, falsehood thrives. People are hopelessly attracted to conflicts, and made fools of by them. What has been born and died and reborn in the eternal passage of time is the human heart, that never changes regardless of the passage.

Although the city worries about the chasm tenderly and sometimes strictly, it has been holding in everything, and watching. And that is also the destiny of the city that cannot stop digesting and accepting the value of time.

Whether beaten down by sadness, feeling pain from the hardness of life or, of course, even in times of joyous excitement, the piano sounds on this album will quietly nestle close to your every situation, like the flow of the Kamo. Just silently. Saying nothing. Its grace beats only the passionate thoughts of the human heart. It will just let us feel the sounds, as the fickle heart moves.

This album, "Miyako" has tolerance such as this.

Mayuko Ueno