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Miyabi / Masaji Watanabe

01. MIYABI - Courtly elegance
02. TSUIOKU - Reminiscence
03. HARU SANSANTO - Shower of spring sunlight
04. KAZE NO TAMAKURA - Hand pillow by the wind
05. INISHIE NO MICHI - Ancient way
06. BANSHUN NI - Last Days of Autumn
07. SHUREI - Graceful autumn
08. HARUKA NARU SEIAN - The far distant Xi'an
09. TSUKI AKARI - Moonlight
10. SASABUNE - Bamboo grass boat
11. UMIOTO - Ocean sounds
12. RURI IRONI SOMATTE - Dyed Lapis Lazuli
13. REIMEI - Dawn

amazon Miyabi - Masaji Watanabe

MIYABI- Courtly elegance
I wish to express with great care the beauty and the "fragrance" of the tradition that has been handed down in Japan through the ages. It is about "miyabi", a courtly elegance that is not showy, cultivated through the ages since antiquity. Isn't it something to be considered as being of value, something to be treasured?

HARU SANSANTO - Shower of spring sunlight
Spring is my favorite season in the year. Awakening from the sleep of winter, life is immersed in the shower of sunlight and ups at once in brilliance as nature is filled with vivid colors. I expressed a landscape filled with such great joy.

KAZE NO TAMAKURA - Hand pillow by the wind
A play of sunlight through the trees on the path for walking, with pleasant wind caressing your face. When you stop, the wind sings old lullabies into your ears.