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Kuge / Missa Johnouchi

Disk 1
01. Skyward
02. Stardust Island
03. Lake
04. Kazamatsuri
05. Kataribe
06. Exotica
07. Prayer
08. Kotohime
09. Sunset Moon
Disk 2 [Symphony]
01. Kuge II
02. Eurasia

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"Asian Blossoms", "road to OASIS", "Kurenai" and "Kataribe" are albums I produced, depicting the Asian scene and the travels through the Silk Road that are my very own. Meeting with the many types of instruments and musicians have been a precious treasure for me. variety than the last.

In this album, I have especially made a recording of two pieces performed by the Paris National Opera Theater Orchestra and have also made the recording of the piece “II, Prayer” from “Nara Heijo Sento (Transfer of the Capital to Nara) Year 1300 Commemoration Event, Yamatoji Symphony~ Yuukyu no Yamato kara”, performed by Yamatoji Symphoniker Orchestra which was formed as an orchestra without borders. The album has a program with even more variety than the last.

The album title is "Kuge."
If you look at things that you normally can’t see but using your heart, you will feel as though you could see something. Like you may see beautiful flowers in the sky. This is my particular interpretation but as I was composing for this album, I put in my own thought. I am turning the globe as always, thinking, my thoughts turning from this to that, from Asia and as far as to the Eurasian Continent. Shall I call these journeys of imagination that connect Euro-Asia? As I keep the landscapes of my imagination in my heart and think “ah, this is what they are returning to me” as the artist of each country impresses me wonderfully by his or her performance.

As for our audience, what kind of flowers are you able to see in the sky of your heart as you listen? With much appreciation to the listeners who took this album into their hands and for the wonderful musicians and staff who made this album possible.

Missa Johnouchi