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Kataribe / Missa Johnouchi

01. Kataribe
02. Miyako - from "ANCIENT CITY II"
03. Streets Of Kyoto - from "ANCIENT CITY II"
04. Asian Wind - from "ASIAN BLOSSOMS"
05. Funauta
06. Shigure - from "SNOW"
07. Shuufu
08. Springtime - from "ASIAN BLOSSOMS"
09. Snow Forest - from "SNOW"
10. Hatsuyuki - from "SNOW"
11. DEJA VU from - "KURENAI"
12. Sekka - from "SNOW"
13. Horizon - from "ROAD TO OASIS"
14. Snow Dance - from "ANCIENT CITY II"

amazon Kataribe - Missa Johnouchi

This is my first piano solo album. When I think about it, the first instrument that I took up was the piano. I remember as a little child, I used to compose music for play, imitating the pieces from the "Method Rose Manual." And in those days, I kept a diary in musical notes (I do this even now sometimes perhaps), instead of keeping a picture diary. In other words, I used to express my feelings and scenes in music instead of words. This practice might be helping me now in the work I do which includes music for theater.

To create this album, piano pieces were selected form my albums "Asian Blossoms," "road to OASIS" and "Kurenai," as well as from the albums "Snow" and "Ancient City II" which were put together with various pianist friends and myself, and the last two, performances of compositions by Kazumasa Yoshioka, the producer of Pacific Moon.

All the compositions were created in awe of nature, the four seasons and the changes they bring. I have played with my whole heart in the wish to convey each beautiful scene through the piano notes. Chopin was called the "Poet of the Piano" but I wish to be the self professed "Story Teller of the Piano" (laughter), though there is something suspicious in the description "self professed", It is disrespectful of the great Chopin, isn't it?

I am writting these liner notes now with almost a prayer like thought that each of the pictured scenes and little thoughts that I have had will least momentarily touch the thoughts, feelings or imagination of the listeners in someway.

If a quiet feeling of calm will remain with you after you have finished listening to the album, that alone would make me very happy.

Missa Johnouchi