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CANON / Missa Johnouchi

01. ASIAN WIND from「Asian Blossoms」
03. Kataribe from「Kuge」
04. SEASONS from「Asian Blossoms」
06. MARCO POLO from「Asian Blossoms」
07. DESERT MIRAGE from「road to OASIS」
08. PILGRIMAGE from「Kurenai」
09. SHANGRI-LA from「road to OASIS」
10. SHANGHAI TWILIGHT from「Kurenai」
11. NIGHT BIRD from「Asian Blossoms」
12. Kirisamekodo

amazon Canon - Missa Johnouchi

Thank you for choosing my "Best" Album. As I continued to work on the series that began with the album "Asian Blossoms", I have found all kinds of wonderful opportunities and encounters.

Commissioned to do something to commemorate the transfer of the capital to Nara 1300 years ago, we conducted "The Suite: Yamatoji Symphony ~ The Eternal Yamato" on grounds facing the Tokondo of Kofukuji Temple, designated as national treasure in Nara. I undertook the composing of the suite as well as conducting the concert. We also later conducted the concert in Los Angeles.

The concerto I composed was performed by the orchestras in Rumania, China and Macedonia. The first world performance of "Yamatoji Symphony" took place in France and I got to conduct that. Then there was the recording with The Paris opera Theater Orchestra and also a chance to perform pieces including ones from "Asian Blossoms" on the piano together with selected members of this orchestra.

Only apart of it is recorded here, but these days in coordination with each record and work that I undertake, I am experiencing the keen joys of performing together with musicians both here and abroad and also of performing in front of audiences in each country that I visit.

The album that came out of imaginary journeys is now venturing into the Eurasian continent. When my work was performed in countries like Macedonia where people have experienced horrific circumstances, I kept thinking about "What is it that music is capable of doing?".

As long as I do not lose this sense of awe for people living on the land, my journeys in music continues.

メI love Missaユs music for one reason only. I can listen to the music with my heart.モ Someone in the audience told me one day. These words stay in my heart as my thoughts reach out to Asia and Eurasia.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the staff who helped to put this album together, the wonderful performers involved in the making of it and to all of you great people who are listening to the album.

Missa Johnouchi