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"Pacific Moon is creating a new beachhead of Asian fusion, mixing ambient music with electronica, traditional instruments from across Asia with western guitars and synthesizers in a heady, and often illuminating mix....The artistic evolution of our time is not just in discovering the new, but in reinventing the ancient. Pacific Moon is doing that."
- John Diliberto, Host/Producer, Echoes - Syndicated

"The music and artistry of Pacific Moon are a perfect match for businesses we program music for who require classy, beautifully recorded contemporary instrumentals. Pacific Moon follows the great tradition of the early days of Windham Hill and ECM Records with their exceptional packaging and presentation."
- Jeff Heiman, Director, Label & Artist Relations, PlayNetwork

"Pacific Moon seems to have emerged out of the cracks. Musically their production is tremendous...many, many outstanding recordings with a rich oriental tone, but with a New World flavor."
- Richard Mauro, Host/Producer, Sacred World Music - Syndicated

"This label is doing it ALL right! Outstanding musical content, unique and attractive packaging, consistently strong advertising and media promotion all add up. Other labels take note."
- Lenny Bertrand, WTUL

"Every release that Pacific Moon has ever sent to radio has made it onto the NAV chart, and they have had as many as seven titles on the chart in the same month (an unprecedented number.) Several have made it to the top 10 and stayed there for a few months...I have not known a label so dedicated to perfection in all the areas of record producing, including the quality of the music, packaging, marketing, advertising, etc."
- Peter Manzi, Editor, New Age Voice

"Who_ are_ these people? Their recordings feature state of the art production and engineering, possibly the best world fusion music being recorded today, and some of the most imaginative, innovative and provocative compositions in recent memory. I simply cannot sing the praises of this label enough. If you haven't tried one of their CDs yet, you're missing the next big thing."
- Bill Binkelman, Wind & Wire

"What is outstanding about Pacific Moon can be summed up in two words: high quality. Gifted and creative artists and state of the art production yields a deep, rich sound that fills not only the room but the soul as well. The music is a delicious blending of oriental and western energies and instrumentation, tastefully presented in a timeless soundscape that honors both the ancient and modern form."
- Rev. Robert Walmsley, Musical SoundScapes

"Pacific Moon Records is carving its own territory in the heart of a traditionally Eurocentric genre. Thanks to the careful selection of artists and a skillful blending of Asian musical culture and Western technical innovations, the company is producing an especially enjoyable brand of new age music."
- Darryl Riser, Purpleprose

"Pacific Moon has been wonderful and a real plus in our music format. We have received many favorable comments from the beautiful music and the package designs are amazing--we love the incense sticks. Asian music is one of the world's most relaxing styles and Pacific Moon is the premiere supplier of this genre."
- Paul Hitchcock, WMKY

"Pacific Moon has crossed the threshold of Asian-Western Fusion. Their diversity in artists' performance style sets them apart from most other labels. Their traditional Asian instruments lend a newness in a genre that tends to get stale with copiers after a time. To name a specific artist is difficult since all of Pacific Moon's artists show an individuality that shines through their original compositions and the sound that is Pacific Moon music. I feel that they are at the head of the pack when it comes to being innovative, inventive, interesting, and exciting."
- Dave Butler, Producer/Host - InnerVisions

"Pacific Moon has become a venerable favorite on the New Age Sampler. Listeners and producer alike cannot wait to hear what this label will bring to our ears next. Powerful yet delicate, majestic and serene, always a fresh blossom of sound awaits my audience with each new release. One can only imagine the possibilities of where the next journey will take us when the breeze from the Asian Rim Label, Pacific Moon Recordings, gently knocks upon our door."
- BEAR, Host/Producer of the New Age Sampler, 90FM WWSP

"Pacific Moon releases routinely and successfully bridge the gap between the continents, combining the mysticism and sensitivities of the East with the rhythm and harmonies of the West. The music delights the ears, the graphics entice the eyes, and their incense (included in every CD) tickles the olfactory nerves."
- Eric Blankman, WFIT

"Without PACIFIC MOON, 'Light in the Night' would simply become 'In the Night.'"
- Flying Man, WAWL

"I am always confident in programming music from Pacific Moon. There's a level of quality that is accessible by audiences that really crosses all demographics."
- David Baker, Director Of Audio Productions/Chief Operator * KALA-FM

"Pan-Asian blend of traditional instrumentation and melodies with contemporary electronica into a sound that is appealing both musically and spiritually"
- Steve Horowitz, KCWU

"Every release we have received from Pacific Moon has fit nicely to our program format...and the incense is groovy!"
- Elliott Crawford, Producer/Program Director - WUSM Public Radio

"I really enjoy receiving each new package of Pacific Moon releases. They are beautifully put together in all aspects: the recordings, production, artistry, packaging, etc. The DJs look forward to these as well - these releases cross over well between our new age and world announcers."
- Dr. Brad Stone, Music Director - KKUP-FM